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Made in USA by American Paper Optics

50x Solar Eclipse Glasses BULK PACK

50x Solar Eclipse Glasses BULK PACK

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Price subject to change - we are low on stock

Will arrive before the eclipse - or your money back

  • Shows sun in natural orange
  • Icon of the letters "UV" crossed out.Blocks UV rays
  • Fits most sizes & eyewear

Bulk discounts are now available for schools, teams, and clubs. Whether you need 50 or 5000, we got you covered. But be forewarned: You will run out sooner than you think!

  • Comes in bundles of 50 for easy distribution.
  • Compact. Each bundle is 16x1.4x1.25 inches and ~250g. They easiily fit in a single backpack for transport to event venues and meetings.
  • One-size-fits-all: The adjustable fold width from 14.5 to 16cm eliminates the need to order multiple sizes for all but the smallest of persons.
  • Authentic. Copies of the lab data and certifications for our glasses are available.
  • On time. Our delivery guarantee ensures you won't be holding the risk if the glasses arrive late and can't be distributed in time to your audience.
  • See our main eclipse glasses listing for a full list of product details.

Orders over 500 glasses (10 bundles) should contact us for a quote.

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R. Bradt
50x Solar Eclipse Glasses Bulk Pack

Fast and easy. Thanks very much. Our staff is excited.